Challenging a Vision by Reframing

An insignificant island in the Indian Ocean can turn out to be the world’s largest ocean economy. It’s all a matter of perspective, depending on the frame with which we look at the world. The assumptions on which this frame is based are usually unexamined and often wrong. They aren’t the only truth out there. Take the Mauritius, a small island with a tiny GDP and little economic potential, facing rising sea levels. But it’s also in a huge ocean area with sustainable ocean mining opportunities, and a potential high leverage economy. By challenging our initial assumptions, we can reframe that first belief towards a whole new perspective.


Overcoming toxic assumptions

The business world is full of toxic assumptions that have been unchallenged for years and stand in the way of progress and innovation.

The approach of reframing is a four-step process:

  1. Determine what your current position is. This is your core belief.
  2. Analyze this core belief: what are the reasons you think that? Come up with ‘supporting beliefs’, and pick the four most important ones.
  3. Force yourself to construct the opposite of these supporting beliefs by finding antonyms and grammatical opposites.

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