An Innovation Portal…I Can Do That Myself


Innovation portals have taken an important place in the open innovation landscape. Expectations are great in portal performance but often, for purely budgetary reasons, these portals are launched and managed internally by corporates themselves, to discover that they generate a number of community management issues that they are not used to coping with. Prior to launching a corporate portal it is a good idea to ask a few specific questions on whether to do this internally or through experienced third party innovation providers.


Open innovation is entering into a new phase. The way corporates are viewing open innovation has shifted radically and today there is a tendency for companies to ask themselves “why should I hire a third party service provider to do open innovation when I can do this myself?”


Anyone can build furniture as long as they buy it from Ikea but that does not make them a cabinet-maker.


The apparent simplicity of setting up an innovation portal is perhaps at the heart of the do-it-yourself portal mythology as it is so easy to download WordPress, code a few pages and then “build it and they will come”


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