6 Ways to Avoid Employee Burnout and Foster Innovation

According to a recent Gallup poll, around 31% of U.S. employees were engaged in 2014. Why are employees less engaged? Some of the blame is due to burnout at work. This burnout, characterized by severe mental and physical exhaustion, is leading to a lack of interest, reduced employee engagement and less work being accomplished.

1. Think out of the box…

Managers should specially pay attention to the personal issues of the employees. If the working environment is up to the mark and helping, then the issue might be associated with the personal life.

2. Open communication is the key to success

It is the art of communication that would make the most intimidating tasks easy and achievable. Every manager wants his employee to be honest and straightforward and to achieve desired results.

3. Vigilant promotions and hiring

Burnout starts when a wrong person is hired or promoted. The managers and HR department should not only give priority to skill….s and expertise but the personality attributes should also be assessed in the best possible manner.

Here is not the end…..

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