Taking a Leaf Out of Your Childhood in Your Professional Life

The way we develop as children can greatly impact the way in which we conduct ourselves as adults. Our early experiences and discoveries have a significant influence on the growth of various personality traits, such as leadership, the ability to work as part of a team and communication, which can have a big impact on our professional lives.

In certain situations, perhaps if we’re struggling with a particular aspect of our job, it can be worth adopting the same sort of approaches we did when we were children. It can show us a new, potentially better way of doing our jobs and have a real impact on our professional lives and, as a knock-on, the growth of our businesses.


Our imagination knows no limits when we’re children – whether it’s something as simple as imagining that the floor is actually red-hot lava or a fully imagined re-enactment of battles from Peter Pan or Robin Hood, we can imagine anything, exercising our creativity and having fun at the same time.

Although you might not be in the sort of job that requires you to be overly creative on a regular basis, even the most repetitive tasks can be made more fun and improved in terms of their effectiveness when you use your imagination.


While you might not remember it, your parents probably have a few well-worn anecdotes about the time you innocently told Grandma that you thought her new shoes were really ugly, or the time you told your little brother Father Christmas didn’t exist and made him cry.

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