Learn how to become more innovative with Innovator’s Accelerator

Innovator’s Accelerator is an online learning experience led by the world’s leading experts on business innovation: Clayton Christensen of Harvard Business School, Jeff Dyer of Brigham Young University’s Marriott School of Management and Hal Gregersen of INSEAD. The trio of thought leaders, who also co-authored “The Innovator’s DNA” and consult with businesses around the world on disruptive innovation, bring together research and tools that help business leaders transform into innovators, ready to be the catalyst for change in their organizations.

Now, more than ever, it is imperative that employees continuously innovate for their organizations, despite the increasing time constraints. Innovator’s Accelerator is now available in a condensed 12-hour format, IA, as well as an immersive 30-hour version, IAx.

– Learners today expect more than video lectures with general knowledge. They want interesting, engaging and socially interactive educational content that ties directly to skills they can apply to their jobs,” said George Lichter, head of innovation programming at Apollo Lightspeed, the company which launched Innovator’s Accelerator in January 2013.

“Employers want learning products that their managers can access 24/7 from multiple devices, and that help them solve the real-world challenges facing their organizations today. We are continually improving our products to provide highly engaging online learning experiences, capable of being company-customized, to measure learners’ progress with data analytics tools, and to drive toward the foundational principle underneath IA: that any employee can become an innovator.”

Innovator’s Accelerator Product Details
IAx consists of 30 hours of learning over seven weeks, including 19 in-depth lessons featuring video lectures from Christensen, Dyer and Gregersen; success stories and case studies from top-level executives and thought leaders; and practice-based activities that allow participants to apply key concepts and develop innovation skills. Specialized for intra-organization and geographically dispersed teams, the highly interactive experience also includes an instructor, dedicated client support and a company-directed project designed to address an organization’s specific innovation needs, and is available for private or mixed-company cohorts.

IA is a condensed, powerful experience designed for companies and individuals seeking a concentrated, in-depth innovation learning experience. The 12-hour, four-week version includes 12 self-paced lessons featuring core innovation video lectures, case studies and an Action Plan that provides an immediate opportunity to apply learned skills. An optional, company-specific, private environment, which allows employees to interact and discuss specific business issues, is also available for larger groups.

Innovator’s Accelerator Online Learning Experience
The Innovator’s Accelerator online learning experience, co-designed with award-winning design and innovation firm IDEO, differentiates itself from traditional online offerings by surfacing dynamic content in a highly engaging, interactive and social environment that maps to how people work and learn today. The modular content can be consumed on any device through a simple web browser and it includes proprietary metrics, such as the Skill Tracker, which monitors personal development of the five innovation skills, and helps participants get instant, measurable feedback on progress and success. Self-paced lesson plans coupled with virtual team learning and interaction helps emerging leaders efficiently build innovation skills, while providing organizations with transparent talent development.